Secondhand Smoking

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Dr. Dresler’s first argument about why smoking tobacco products in public places should be legally banned is that secondhand smoke is dangerous for people of any age. Even though bans are meant to prevent secondhand smoke, it ends up increasing the amount of cessation among smokers. Secondhand smoke is a national problem for people of all ages and must be eliminated from homes, workplaces, and public settings. It is evident that secondhand smoke is having a major negative effect on health because, “greater than 50% of all children in the United States are still exposed to second hand smoke and 1 in 4 American children between 3 to 19 years of age live in a household with a smoker” (Dresler 1). The only way to protect yourself and your relatives …show more content…

Our society consists of everyone that we interact with including counselors of our children, people who work at food markets, health care professionals, business professionals, and our own relatives as well. The diversity of our society also includes the people who do the more dirty work for the middle and upper class. Therefore, our society can include people of all backgrounds from owners of million dollar companies, such as Robert Irvine, to homeless people. The question is, “What do those people, that is, all of those “other people” owe us. What is meant by “owe” in this case? (Dresler 1)”. First, they owe others respect and how they are members of our society, with a specific role and goal. Additionally, it is illegal to kill another person. Furthermore, the right to vote is a unifying thing that all people above age 18 in the United States should have, given that you are a U.S. citizen. Also making us a part of society is obeying the law. For example, if you commit a murder, then you will be put on trial and penalized for your dishonorable actions. Additionally, every adult in the United States has the right to due process of law in order to be treated equally in a situation where they are accused of a crime. All of these legally protected rights define our country and the people in our society. There are many things that our society owes us, but we owe our society

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