Senator William Fulbright's Arrogance Of Power

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Can a person be brave enough to change the status quo of doing things? In Senator William Fulbright’s work, “Arrogance of Power, 1966,” he tried to show that he is brave enough to implement change. He is also successful in delivering his message to the masses. His use of words, phrases, and emotion were combined into a work with an effective structure and meaning. Fulbright’s use of emotion was used effectively in trying to persuade people that there are alternative methods to achieve change by not getting involved in foreign conflicts and being an example to the world.
Fulbright used the structure of his writing to successfully help portray his message. He separated his ideas into portions that help to support the next part of his work by …show more content…

The reader can see his use of words are effective from the very beginning when he chooses the name, “Arrogance of Power” (Fulbright, Arrogance of Power, 1966). He helped get the reader interested in the writing by the title of the work alone. After reading the title, the reader can already feel the emotion he has before reading the work. This is only one example of the many successful word choice moments in his piece. He used strong words to convey his ideas to the reader. Using certain words helps the reader to completely understand the author’s thoughts and beliefs, and Fulbright did this exceptionally well. He was able to show the reader his emotions and how much he cared about the country with the words that he decided to use. When the reader senses Fulbright’s emotional connection to what he is writing about, they will be intrigued to read …show more content…

He was able to use pathos to effectively send the message to the reader. Some people that have tried to use pathos to support their writing fail at getting people to connect to their work. With the pathos that he used throughout the writing, he was able to successfully connect with the people. In his writing he had some pathos that really helped to showcase the message he was sending. Fulbright’s use of pathos also helped to persuade the people to think differently about the situation, or it made them completely agree with Fulbright. With the use of pathos he showed how he wanted the United States to function when it came to foreign affairs. One pathos he used to connect with people is, “our excessive involvement in the affairs of other countries, we are not only living off our assets and denying our own people the proper enjoyment of their resources” (Fulbright, Arrogance of Power, 1966). The use of this pathos was able to connect him with the reader by trying to speak to the everyday citizen that is not directly involved with the war. This pathos was successful because it was able to convince people that the war is taking things from them without their knowledge. Fulbright was able to get people to see that the course of action he wanted to take was the best for everyone involved by using certain

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