How Does Joe Clark Use Ethos In Lean On Me

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In the movie Lean on Me, Joe Clark persuades the staff and students that hard work is necessary in order to be successful through the use of ethos, pathos, and logos.
Throughout the movie Joe Clark persuades the staff and students to work hard in order to be successful by using ethos. For example, when Joe goes to meet the students he uses ethos to show the hard truth and consequences for being young adults. Another way he uses ethos is after Joe found out the scores on the practice test and had a meeting with the teachers explaining that they had to do more to help the students learn. This shows ethos because as the principal if he doesn’t tell the teachers to do something they will not change. The last way he used ethos was before the students took the exam, Joe told them how he felt about them taking the test making him and the students confident about passing the test. Without ethos Joe might not have gotten his messages across telling his staff and students what he thinks is best persuading them to do better. …show more content…

When Joe Clark first met his students he used pathos by telling the students who didn't get kicked out that if they do not pass the state exam they won't be welcomed back into the school. The staff had it coming for them when Joe scheduled a meeting after he found out the scores on the practice test, Joe used pathos to make the staff guilty for how poor the kids did on the test by blaming them for such low scores. Finally he used pathos to encourage his students to do well on the test, reminding them what they have been working for the whole time. Joe Clark persuaded his staff and students to work hard by using pathos to send an emotional

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