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Senioritis: A Plague Among High Schools? A common illness that is said to strike high schools across the nation and stand as an excuse for plummeting grades from the senior class. It is believed that seniors become incredibly antsy their last year of highschool and are looking into the future for a solution to their bored life, seniors also begin to question whether the classes they are taking are meaningful or not while sloughing off the tension that comes with high school because they have been their four years and know the ropes. Not all seniors are sucked into this mindset, and many continue to further their academic success throughout their senior year. This article brings up all of these points but does not effectively support the points…show more content…
This argument is full of hasty generalizations and lacks any solid logos support. All throughout the paragraph, the author generalizes seniors to all succumbing to senioritis when he/she does not do so throughout the whole essay. By generalizing this section, the author also generalizes the idea that all seniors are bored with their life when many are not. The author goes against this idea later in the essay, contradicting his/herself, in the fourth body paragraph by saying that teens who are involved in their school enjoy their senior year, yet another hasty generalization. School involvement being the authors counterargument brings up another weakness within their essay; she/he does not refute therefore leaving an explanation opposing their viewpoint to be taken away from his/her…show more content…
The argument states that seniors have been in high school for three years prior and therefore they know the ropes but the author fails to adequately address how this ties into the claim. This argument is a straw man one, it does not fit the contention but discusses a topic that is easier to support. “It is not what seniors are looking for,” is the only part of this paragraph that addresses the topic of senioritis, this weakens the paper and takes away from the main focus of the article because the author fails to stay on topic. No sources, no statistics are used and the argument leans more toward explaining, telling the reader instead of showing. There is no narrative to describe the topic making the essay boring to read and leaves the reader feeling as the author is simply taking at he/she. Looking at the content/argument of this paragraph many could say that seniors feel comfortable and therefore are ready to slack off. With that being said, one cannot base excuse all seniors of this, there are always the exception of new students, exchange students and students focused on academics to prepare for college therefore senioritis does not plague the whole senior class and cannot be generalized to
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