Sexism In Fences

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Many texts in literature are connected by similar themes. The play Fences by August Wilson and several modern poems by African American poets are connected by; sexism, sacrifice, lessons, and pride. These poems relate to the situations in Fences they have identical themes. The poem Homage To My Hips by Lucille Clifton and the topic of Alberta’s big stockings discussed by Troy and Bono in the play Fences by August Wilson are connected by the theme of sexism. The conversation between Troy and Bono points out how some men see women as sex objects. Saying, “Women wear some big stockings. Got them great big old legs and hips as wide as the Mississippi River.” is not exactly a compliment and usually makes bigger women feel discouraged about their size. On the other hand, Lucille Clifton’s poem does the exact opposite. The poem is spoken from a big boned woman’s perspective and she encourages women who are bigger in size to embrace what they have. She believes her “hips are mighty hips.” and also has “known them to put a spell on a man and spin him like a top!” she boldly embraces the love she has for her body, while clearly showing no remorse for the size she is. Most women enjoy being physically attractive to a man, so this poem displays that it is okay to be …show more content…

This is similar to the poem Mother to Son by Langston Hughes. In the play, Cory is unwilling to sacrifice the way he feels for the sake of his family. Rose explains to him that she understands Troy wasn’t the easiest person to deal with and “being disrespectful to the memory of his father isn't going to make him a man.”. If she would have read Mother to Son to Cory it may have changed his opinion on Troy. Rose had to endure life with a man who felt his purpose was defeated. She had to put her wants and needs to the side to be with Troy, so Cory should be able to put his emotions to the side and attend the

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