Sexual Questionnaire Analysis

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The trueblood sexual questionnaire attitude questionnaire (TBSAQ) allowed me to examine and identify explicit ideologies that are not a part of my daily vernacular. My present-day sexual preferences are very conservative; the basis foundation and influences originates from my religious beliefs, values systems cultivated by relationship with husband, and philosophies of life. Conventionally, I live a life of acceptance and genuine regard of others; with hopes of not pushing, my belief systems on them. As stated in sexual and gender identity paper, my original view on sexuality was based on religious, military, friendship, and parental influences. Acceptance of others sexual beliefs has been an evolutions for myself; however, this acceptance and respect occurred through evolutions of thoughts and beliefs system. The first completion of the TBSAQ challenged me to access not only how I viewed my own sexual belief system, but also my thoughts and beliefs about …show more content…

Homosexuality has been the subject of great debate and had caused a division within this country. In TBSAQ, really shows awareness acceptance of differences between heterosexual and homosexual cultural. While evaluating my attitude for self and others, a realization occurred that my attraction is consistent with heterosexual; however, kin awareness and acceptance of sexual differences of same sex relationships. Individuals in same sex relationship has been ostracized by society for centuries. Being ostracized because of differences is a normalcy; sequentially, this practice must be changed to make society more inclusive. My belief system has truly evolved and even though religious, military, and parental have influences have been modified, my core attitude of love remains

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