Sharon Creech Walk Two Moon Analysis

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The people in our life play an important role in our personal growth. Relationships with others allow us to understand and see ourselves more clearly. Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech, Sal’s able to accept her mother’s death because of the influence of Mrs. Partridge and Gram and Gramps.

Sal is impacted and changed by her relationship with Mrs. Partridge; the mysterious woman was the person providing the messages left in front of the Winterbottom home. This message influences Sal when she considered the loss of her mother. It helps her reaction that her life had been forever altered because her mother wasn’t coming back. In addition, another message Mrs. Partridge left said, “Everyone has their own agenda” (Creech 56). This message …show more content…

Sal had a lot of relationships during the story,as a result, Sal got impacted and changed a lot by the relationships with Gram and Gramps and Mrs. Partridge. Relationships impact and mold who you are, and in the story Walk Two Moons, the relationships that Sal had slowly guided her to the acceptance of her mother’s death. Sharon Creech’s goal or motive in choosing the theme was to evoke feeling in the message, relationships can impact or change a person, was to show that this can relate to everyone, they can also mold who you are. For example, Phoebe a main character in Walk Two Moons helped mold Sal into acceptance, because when Sal saw the same thing happen to Phoebe. She then realized that the things her mother did were not because of her, it was because like Sal says in this quote,”For the first time, it occurred to me that my mother’s leaving had nothing whatsoever to do with me. It was separate and apart. We couldn’t own our mothers” (Creech 169). The impact that this theme had on the reader was to realize that the people around you are the people you become. Me personally, also think that this was the message Sharon Creech tried to spread to everybody, that relationships impact and mold who you

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