Sharon Creech's Walk Two Moon

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According to School Library Journal, Walk Two Moons is, “A rich layered novel about real and metaphorical journeys.” People think that it is slow at the beginning and exciting at the end, but Walk Two Moons, has lots of detail, surprising plot twists, and relatable scenes. People should really consider reading Walk Two Moons. Sharon Creech is incredibly detailed in the way she presents her story, Walk Two Moons. In the book Walk Two Moons, Sharon Creech makes the main character, Sal, tell a incredibly detailed story about Sal’s life and journey throughout the book. For example, on page 250, Sal tells her grandparents about the time when Sal and Phoebe find out about the mysterious person that keeps leaving little white envelopes on Phoebe’s…show more content…
Later that night her mother gave birth to a stillborn baby, this is what crushed her mother and her family. Another example is when Sal and Phoebe have sleepovers and hang out with each other every day, lots of girls do that. Although this is really wonderful story, there are many different counter arguments that go with this story. There are many counter arguments that go along with this book. My counter argument is, it is slow in the beginning but as you read more and more it gets exciting. For example, at the beginning, Sal talks about why she moved and that she didn’t want to move. Another example would be, at the end of the book, she drives her grandparents car just so she can say goodbye to her mother at her mother's grave. This story is really great, whoever reads it next will enjoy it. People think that it is slow in the beginning and exciting at the end, but Walk Two Moons has lots of detail, surprising plot twist, and relatable scenes. Walk Two Moons, is a really great book, and people would really enjoy it. Sharon Creech did an amazing job at writing this book, it is definitely a book worth
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