The Shawshank Redemption Film Analysis

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I believe it is easy to admit that we all love a good action movie that makes you think, cringe, and hold your breath while waiting for the next move all at once. For myself, some of my favorite these types of movies, or TV shows in this case, are centered around a newcomer navigating the new prison lifestyle. As mentioned by Dawn Cecil (2017), the new inmate arrives, gets beaten up, befriends the well respected prison vet, gains the guard/warden’s trust, and once they settle into their new lifestyle the next thing you know they are scaling a wall or swimming through sewers to make their escape. I think it is safe to say while this plot can be all too common, some directors have been able to put an excitable spin on a predictable plot. When evaluating what I believe to be two of the best: The shawshank redemption (1994) and Prison break (2005-2009) I have come across some key criteria that sets …show more content…

This can be done in many different ways, whether it be a compelling trailer, well written summaries, or my favorite, actors or actresses with well known reputations. At first glance, the actors in The shawshank redemption have a reputation preceding them. Although Morgan Freeman isn 't the character the movie is centered around, he plays a key role in the film, and is likely a reason for much of the attraction around the film. Tim Robbins, although not well known within my generation, is still somewhat of a household name. Now this is not to say that a casts prevalence in hollywood determines the quality of the production, even though it has an impact on viewers. In Prison break I stand firm with the fact that it is a quality show with a great cast, but they are not as well known as those in The shawshank redemption. It is not a fact that bothers me, however, with the right cast, the following of the show could have had an impact on not only its success, but the time, money, and energy put into

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