Meaning Of The Giving Tree By Shel Silverstein

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The “Giving Tree” a children’s book by Shel Silverstein has, arguably a great amount of meaning and ways of interpretation. The most common meaning people interpret it as, is a message on not to be selfish and to be unselfish instead. Although, for me there a three main meanings that I will be discussing right now in the greatest detail that I can. The first and foremost meaning that I find in the “Giving Tree” to be the most obvious other than the common one is to always say please and thank you. The reason I think this is the most obvious meaning is, because every time the boy takes something from the tree he never says please or thank you and eventually the tree has nothing to give him and she feel sad after giving him all she can. Also, she can see that he never appreciates all the stuff she had given him. She let him cut down her branches, take her apples, and at the very end take away her trunk. And when he …show more content…

This can be supported when the boy was just a kid he and the tree were always happy and they both just appreciated each other’s company. However, as the boy grew up he started to appreciate the tree less and less and eventually just using her and taking anything that he wanted. Although, the tree did it just so they could both be happy, just like when the boy was young. Eventually, the boy got old and came to the tree and he didn’t want to play with anything he just wanted to rest. This made the tree happy, because this is one of the things that she could do to make him happy so she let him sit on her stump and they were both happy. In conclusion, there are many ways to interpret the “Giving Tree”. After all the people that have read the story there has been many ways that this story has been interpreted. For example, some say that it’s meaning is to take life easy, but I don’t know I could be wrong. This story is meant to be open to

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