Shine Movie Reflection

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Shine was only a window into a man’s life. It is hard to come to any serious conclusions about someone’s life from a movie. There is no real way to know if this movie is a true, accurate representation of Helfgott’s life. Movies span two minutes, so there is no real way to collect all pieces of an entire life into a movie. It is interesting to consider what may be happening in someone’s life, but it is unfair to say that we know exactly what is happening in the real world. David has an interesting life, full of many events that definitely had some influence on who he became. Even though there were events in David’s life that may have set him up for a challenging life, and he did have difficult moments, in the end he seemed to make it out with a well-rounded life.
David Helfgott had a strict father. Elias Peter had a rough childhood that had a clear influence on his ideas of family – he despised his father and tried to distance himself from his family and their religion. After leaving his family, Peter learned that his parents had been killed in the Holocaust. This lead him to have a strict view on family – he believed that family should stick together and be very close always. It can be seen in the film that Peter is hesitant to let any one near the family. When Frank Arndt takes over teaching David piano, he receives the opportunity to go to America to study music – Peter adamantly refuses to let David go. Peter is always telling David that family is everything.... that
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