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The first content written should never be the final copy; it should be the sloppiest bundle of ideas that are only there to be written out to eventually be considered later if important or not. I completely agree with what Anne Lamott is trying to say from the section “Shitty First Drafts” from “Bird by Bird”. Her writing process is what should be, and usually is, used by every writer and student. I started using this process recently and I am proof that this process works. She argues how the first thing written shouldn’t be the final copy, I agree because in my personal experiences it has been true. My papers always were given a higher grade when several drafts were written. As drafts became non mandatory, I didn’t feel the need to write them. I, and many other…show more content…
Many students assume that if a draft wasn’t assigned then it isn’t mandatory then it isn’t necessary. This is not to say that this method of writing should be used on timed assignments. In any other situation absolutely use this method of writing. In paragraph 7 Lamott shares her experience when she “eventually let [herself] trust the process” and that is when her writing came to be a more fluid piece. A draft, even multiple drafts are necessary to create that natural flow of the final paper. Don’t feel the need that your first attempt at writing something should flawless. The first draft isn’t intentionally bad, it 's just how raw ideas on paper come out sometimes. Anne Lamott said that when she writes she makes her articles twice or even three times longer than what it originally was meant to be. In doing so, you’ll have more than enough ideas to work with to have bouncing around to use later or to remove and never look back. Review the first draft and take those ideas and make another one. Lamott goes over her first draft with colored pens and takes out what she could from the first draft to add to the second and does the same to her second

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