Short Biography: James Butler Wild Bill Hickok

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Wild bill Hickok had a very interesting life. He had a career as a stagecoach driver and rose all the way up to a sheriff. He had many bad habits as a drinker, a gambler, and a gun slinger.His bad habits lead to his death. Wild Bill Hickok was a very controversial law man.
James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok also known as “man-killer”, was born on May 27, 1837 in Troy Grove, Illinois ( Troy Grove also referred to as “home” by wild bill, was then and still is now a small clean agricultural community ( Wild Bill got his nickname because he was confused for another man (legondsofamerica). His parents were God fearing Baptists by the names of Polly and William Hickok, and unfortunately he was not close to either one of them. His mothers name was Polly Butler, and she came from New York State ( HIs fathers name was William …show more content…

2. James was shot dead by a man named John McCall out of “revenge” ( McCall killed Hickok by shooting him three foot away in the back of his head with his revolver. McCall claimed that he killed Hickok to avenge his brothers death (History it was discovered that McCall had no brother and never did. Mccall was hung for the killing of Wild Bill Hickok (legondsofamerica). James was holding a hand of aces and eights, which was very rare( This is considered a “dead-man’s” hand. shortly after it was widely reported that he was shot dead by Texan’s at Fort Dodge in Kansas( He died in 1876, but James had achieved worldwide fame (
Wild Bill Hickok was a nice man and only killed in self defense, but he remembered for not only being a “murderer” but also a gun slinging drinking gambler ( James Hickok was also famous for his lethal gun skills and pro gambering ( No one knew who he was until his friends claimed his body

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