Brave Cinderella Book Report

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Brave Cinderella

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful and breve girl named Cinderella. She lived with her vicious stepmother and two stepsisters . her mother treated to her very badly . for her mother Cinderella was unpaid worker of their house . every work in their home her mother doing from only her . like make meal , wash cloths , floor cleaning and many other work in their home . every hard work she give to Cinderella . morning to night her all time have spend to doing this work . but Cinderella was breve and coagulable girl ,she do all work in their house because of she doing respect for her mother .she know her mother is wicked and stepmother but she is my mother that is why Cinderella
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She said this thing to her two sisters . They both also were happy to know that Cinderella is also coming with them . Cinderella was doing all kinds of work in the house . And secretly her two sisters also helped her in her work . And this time also happened the same . The three sisters also completed all the chores of the house . But when the time came of dressing Cinderella was not having anything that she can wear in the ball room . So her sister gave her a dress . Mother called her both daughters and from behind Cinderella was also coming . She was looking so beautiful in that dress . Like a fairy to come on the earth . Seeing her dressed her mother asked her if she has completed all her work . She nods her head in yes but mother was in a shock to know that thing because completing all the work alone is not as fast job which she has done alone . mother was not interested to have Cinderella with them in the party so she said her to remove the dress as it belongs to her sister and she has gifted her it . Hearing this from her mother cindrella was quit and the room went in…show more content…
She protested her mother and opposed her for treating her in a different manner which she don 't do to her two own daughters. Seeing this the two daughters who never went against there mother where today standing against there own mother. They both said that if Cinderella is not comming to party then they are also not comming .that time her mother was shocked to see this . Seeing this her mother was so annoyed that she could not believe that her own daughters will do this to her . She was in a complete shock like how could her own daughters would raise there voice against there mother who always wanted good for both of them . After a long heated argument mother realized her mistake and confessed that she will now treat Cinderella as her own daughter . her mother promise to Cinderella and her daughter from now i will give you all equal treatment . when they were living for the party Cinderella felt that now there is a new turning point in her life as everything will be good here after
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