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Playing baseball for New York 's top team is every young player 's ultimate dream.
Uniforms striped with light blue and white preparing to take on a long fight.
Alex Rodriguez pursued everyone 's dream to play for the home run hitting dream team.
Hitting the baseball for long a home run is what the young star thought was fun.
Alex Rodriguez wanted to be the best, but he would have to face a challenging test.
Wanting to make strive to the next level, Rodriguez met with the performance devil.

Then, came the addicting performance drugs, making everyone look like little bugs.
Growing large muscles never came so easy, he wanted others to try and not feel so sleepy.
Opening up a small shop in Miami to sell to growing baseball stars like candy.
The quick muscle and strength growth was very good for me hoping same effects for others, we shall wait and see. …show more content…

More and more baseball stars came to visit not before long he had to set a limit.
Large sums of money started flowing in fast hoping this extra money will last.
Business was booming as we thought it would, avoid league officials and we all should be good.
Looked up to by the growing baseball stars only leading them behind locked prison bars.
Growing large muscles fast did not last long, officials caught up to Rodriguez 's wrong.
Sitting out from home runs for a long time took Alex out of his baseball

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