Short Story Of Elizabeth Lee Johnson's Life

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The sound of the cheering crowd rang through the air as the scoreboard showed the winning score. Elizabeth Lee Johnson, an average fifteen year old girl, scored the winning goal of her regional soccer game. Elizabeth grew up in a small town called Asheville, North Carolina. Asheville was bright and warm, but every city has its storms. No storm ever held Elizabeth back from pursuing her goal. Most of Elizabeth’s life had consisted of soccer. Since Elizabeth was living in such a small town, she was extremely well know. Everywhere she turned, she heard “Hey Elizabeth! You played great yesterday!” or “Nice game last night!”. Elizabeth loved feeling the wind in her long blond hair as she sprinted down the hot, dry fields. The sun blasted down on her bronzed tan skin. However, soccer was not the only thing Elizabeth was known for. She was prom queen, helped out at the pet rescue, and most importantly was a loving sister. She was a straight A student at her local high school. Elizabeth and her three sisters …show more content…

She check their favorite hiking trails, their favorite spot on the beach, and near all the wide open fields they would practice long, hot hours soccer. Alden was nowhere to be found. Many endless days passed, most hope was lost after no one called about the lost dog signs they had hung up. Clara and Elizabeth went back to their normal lives before they had found Alden which consisted of going to the Asheville Pet Rescue and other daily things. As they took a sharp right turn onto Alden Road, Clara spots a clean yellow animal rummaging in the bushes. Elizabeth's face lit up with excited. She flew out of the car and ran into the wooded area off the side of the road. Alden was sitting alone in the raggidy bushes of the same place she had been found from only a short 4 months earlier. Alden ran into Elizabeth's arms and began licking a familiar face. Elizabeth learned that everything comes back, but sometimes it just takes

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