Should Child Soldiers Be Allowed In The Military

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Growing up in America we live a pretty normal life. We are taught the differences between what is right in society, and what is wrong. Children who live where war rages on, are not taught that. And recruiters do not care about what kids are taught. Only that they know who are the enemy, and how to kill. The child soldiers should be given amnesty as they don’t know what they are doing is wrong, that they are being manipulated into doing things, only that they are threatened if they don’t do as they are told.

When we are kids the first thing we learn is what is good, and what is bad to do. Often the child soldiers parents are dead, or the parents are the ones who sent the kids to war. And at a young age without the schooling, or someone telling them what is good, they are taught that killing the enemy is good. The younger the kid the easier it is to train, and manipulate. In “Armed and Underage” by Jeffrey Gettleman, some places don’t have …show more content…

Yet these kids committed crimes, so if we give them amnesty it will send the idea that we will suddenly forgive them. And if we give them amnesty, we should give the same to kids who committed crimes in america. People shouldn’t just forget everything, and give amnesty. They should give the child soldiers, a way to repay, or help the people giving amnesty. Where the child soldiers are, and the kids in america are two different places. In america we don’t send kids into war, and abuse isn’t looked over in court. In war ridden places child soldiers have faced war, abuse, and seen things american kids couldn’t even imagine. American kid criminals, and child soldiers are two different situations. Child soldiers both girls, and boys go through abuse, manipulation, and sometimes sexual assault. The kids , once they realized what 's happened, want to get away and get a better life. So child soldiers should be given amnesty, as they have no idea what they are doing is wrong, are being manipulated, and are constantly

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