Should Prison Be Paid Minimum Wage Essay

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Are prisons not paying people enough? If so, should prisoners be paid minimum wage? The answer is no, prisoners should not be paid minimum wage for multiple reasons. The taxes and cost would be much to high, they’re in prison for a reason and a punishment is well deserved and if prisons paid high amounts then people could possibly go their on purpose.

Firstly, even if the prison did want to pay prisoners minimum wage it would be nearly impossible, and with catastrophic results. America is already so far into debt and we pay taxes in order to pay prisoners to stay in a cell, have food and fresh water. These cost an immense amount of money; “We now incarcerate more than 2.2 million people.” This is a quote from the Angola prison Warden, Burl Cain. So if there are just 2.2 million people in just one state then, imagine how many people are in prisons in the 50 states. So if you do the math, with the very high country debt and most of the prisons using taxes to pay for a decent experience as far as sheltering for prisoners goes, the taxes would raise at a very high and unstable rate in order to maintain America as a whole.

However some people might say that this is still not right. People may say that
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Especially when they are sentenced to a maximum security prison where people are sentenced for life not for little things such as robbery or disorderly conduct; These prisoners are in here for taking one's life or distribution of drugs. So why should they be treated with any mercy? But yet they get a sense of normality in these prisons because the state provides them and yet the public still wants them to have minimum wage. Another issue is in the articles, none of the inmates are complaining. Some may say that they are being watched by officials, however, the journalist went the extra step to interview former inmates who were not being watched by officials and they thought that it was a good

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