Should Shakespeare Come With A Warning Label Summary

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Should Shakespeare Come with a Warning Label? In his article “Should Shakespeare Come with a Warning Label?”, author David M Perry, an associate professor of history at Dominican University in Illinois, points out “trigger warnings” among students taking courses in higher education classes with vile content within the class’ assignments. He acknowledges that both sides of the argument have a valid point, but favors the critics of trigger warnings because he claims if students want to excel, they must face situations that make them uncomfortable. In addition, Perry suggests a plan to possibly help student: teachers advice students in advance about graphic content, and students should use the disability resources offered at school. Although …show more content…

At first, it seems he is for helping his students overcome the struggles of trigger warnings because he mentions that during his class sessions, he prepares his students for grotesque content to come, “I would never want my students to be surprised by something horrific in their reading, whether the "Red Wedding" on "Game of Thrones" or the rape of Philomena in Ovid. Instead, I want them ready to work with challenging texts so they learn”. He believes that if students know what is going to happen next in a book, movie, etc.,(even if that means spoiling the best part for some students), it will help the students learn. What he failed to take into account is that, there are groups of students who, once you have spoiled the ending/beginning of a particular thing for them, they will refuse to continue with the work. Perhaps, David M Perry should search up best teaching methods in higher education. But then, he jumps from helpful to students should get over it. He states that classrooms are not therapy clinics, and they should not be treated as such. He adds that higher education is now more concentrated in preventing lawsuits instead of actually organizing a syllabi for proper education purposes- he resents that (in my opinion) The clearly of his writing is smudged with

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