Sibling Relationship And Bond In Las Cruces By Wes Adamson

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Wes Adamson once said, “Sisters and brothers just happen, we don’t get to choose them, but they become one of our most cherished relationships.” Adamson understood the significance and importance of the sibling relationship and bond. Not only do I understand his quote, but my life is a prominent example of his quote. I didn’t choose triplet siblings, they just came into my life. While siblings bring out the best and worst in people, the triplets have impacted me in how they have taught me the importance of character, taught me to never take myself too seriously and to cherish some of the most crucial moments in life. They were on their way. This was the only thing in which I was thinking about when I was 3 and a half years old. At this time, …show more content…

While I didn’t fully understand and learn what it meant until later, it’s a stereotype that very much describes me and my siblings. Las Cruces describes the oldest as being a responsible, mature, smart, independent person whereas the youngest (which is all three of them), were more of the attention needy, charmers, and sneaky type of children. When I was younger, I learned very quickly that I was going to have to grow up faster than many other kids my age. That was primarily because I had three younger siblings that were in constant need of care and attention. They couldn’t feed themselves, or change themselves so at a young age I became responsible for myself. And even to this day, I have learned to be very independent, very accountable for my own grades and work, and to keep track of my personal schedule as best as possible. But when I was younger, the triplets were still growing up and it was endearing to get to see their personalities growing alongside my own. Whether or not I realized it, they were helping to create the person I am today, they taught me to love kids and to have kindness and patience even when it was an extreme struggle. I became a babysitter at a young age, and today I am the unpaid math and english tutor, as well as their personal chauffeur. Because of them, I matured very quickly and that allows me to excel in many of the activities that I participate in today, and allows me to have the great opportunities with individuals that I do. Their everyday craziness and irresponsibility on many days, is what allows me to be somewhat of another parental figure, as I am carpooling, cooking dinner on occasions, helping with homework and being a person they can talk to about friends and

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