Significant Events In The Late 1800s

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One example of a significant event in U.S. History was the Homestead Act. The Homestead Act of 1862 was an act passed by the federal government to encourage settlement in the west. The act permitted settles to buy a plot of 160 acres for a small fee if they occupied the land they purchased for five years and improved it. The act was significant because it was seen the drive for westward expansion and it also assisted in the rapid development of the west. The next significant event was the Railroad Strike of 1877. In 1877, a strike broke out among railroad workers due to a 10 percent wage cut.The significance of the Railroad strike was that it was America’s first major national labor conflict. This caused unions to become better organized and …show more content…

In the 1800s, both African Americans and Mexican Americans faced similar treatments from whites. One of the main things that both groups had to face was racial discrimination mainly because they both were not viewed as racially equal by most whites. For example, the U.S. court validated legislations that institutionalized race separations between blacks and whites, such as the Jim Crow Laws. The Plessy v. Ferguson was a Supreme Court Case that gave states the right to pass laws allowing or required racial segregation in public and private institutions like schools and public transportation. The laws not only affected black people, but it also affected Mexicans. Like African Americans, Mexican American children were not allowed to attend white schools, so they created segregated schools to keep the races separated. Also, when it came to jobs both African and Mexican Americans were restricted to low-paying and unstable jobs, because they were both viewed as being inferior and inadequate. Another thing that both groups were restricted from was voting rights. Although, both groups were granted to right to vote whites did whatever they could to restrict them being able to. They added a literacy test, an education requirement and a poll tax to the voting requirements. They did this because they knew that most non-white people would not be able to meet the requirements. A final similarity in the treatment of the two groups was the increase of vigilante violence against both …show more content…

Mainly in the way they each group received their citizenship. For the Mexican Americans, they were able to obtain their citizenship from the article nine of The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. I stated that if Mexicans didn’t want to leave the land gained by the Americans then they will just be given American citizenship. However, African Americans were not given the right to vote until the passing of the 15th

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