Similarities Between 2081 And Fahrenheit 451

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In the modern society the people in this world seem awfully spoiled compared to the several dystopian societies from Fahrenheit 451, 2081, and Uglies. The schools in Fahrenheit 451 have a different feel than the modern schools where they wear students out so much you have to go straight to sleep when you get home. 2081 shows that we do want equality, but not too the point were people are restrained. Lastly, Uglies shows how technology in the modern society could lead to greater cities in the future, that come with a cost of heavily judging the “non perfect”. Schools in the modern society are different from schools in the dystopian society of Fahrenheit 451. In Fahrenheit 451 school is a place to learn and only learn. There classes are an hour …show more content…

“... we never ask questions, or at least most don’t; they just run the answers at you, bing, bing, bing and us sitting there for four or more hours…”(Bradbury 27). They have classes such as, TV class, sports, transcription history, and than more sports. The schools are very nonsocial and run the kids out so much they only have energy left for sleep or bullying others. “They run us so ragged by the end of the day we can't do anything but go to bed or head for a Fun Park to bully people around…” (Bradbury 27). In the Modern Society our schools are much different, we are allowed to as questions and it’s one of the places people meet lifelong friends. Although Fahrenheit 451 never mentioned how experienced the teachers have to be, but based on medical staff that appeared earlier in the book who had little or no experience, it's safe to assume the teachers need little

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