Similarities Between George Brown And Seneca Colleges

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Most colleges demand that students must not try plagiarism, which are the act of taking another person’s opinion and passing it off as one’s own and so on. So, on the subject of plagiarism between George Brown and Seneca college there is similar section which is basic contents of the assignment and difference which are punishments for plagiarism about suspension period and score. In these points, although both colleges seem to be similar to each other, they have minutely different portion. According to both colleges, in the similarity, they discuss about basic content of assignment which are format of citation, information of sources. As students know, the discussion is standard in the assignment. So in these points, according to Seneca’s Appendix E, Seneca mentioned another part that students must not submit the assignment by someone else’s work which mean they can’t use the used submitted assignment from a previous semester even if the students original author. Moreover, according to George brown also mentioned about contraction for assignment is not the work of students. (George …show more content…

For example, when students are suspended from college by plagiarism, as per George Brown’s academic honesty policies, the period is minimum 12 month or more. While according to Seneca’s penalties for plagiarism, Seneca is 2 years. So, Seneca college’s duration is longer than George Brown. The other difference points, in the score both colleges similar punishments which are a given grade of ‘f’ in the course. However, at this point according to Seneca’s penalties for plagiarism, Seneca give the grade of ‘0’ directly at first offence, while George Brown give a grade of ‘f’ which means 0 to 49 %, not directly. For these point Seneca is stricter than George Brown college. Because George Brown is not giving ‘f’ directly. (George Brown College – Plagiarism/Academic Honesty

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