Similarities Between 'Raw And Napoleon In Exile' By Scott Monk

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Coming of age is the prolonged transitioning process of individuals to adulthood confronted with various challenges that requires human all endeavors to reach maturity. These universal ideas are demonstrated through ‘Raw’ written by Scott Monk and ‘Napoleon in Exile’ directed by Michael Lukk Litwak. In both text, the protagonists are challenged with various obstacles ultimately gaining maturity during the process. In ‘Raw’, one of the many ideas that is mentioned in the text is the understanding of independence and responsibilities. When Brett first arrived on the farm, he was referred as the wild brumby; ruthless and disrespectful. Throughout the course, Josh acted as a catalyst that propels Brett to understand and experience what others viewed of him. “First, it’s me, then Caitlyn, Frog and now Sam. No one hates you Brett. You hate them.” This accentuates the realization of Brett of what …show more content…

Throughout the novel, Brett’s point of view about the world is very small. This is true until the point that he was robbed. “He felt- (the same way the people he robbed did?) No, not that. (Liar).” This internal monologue reveals Brett’s revaluation of his actions as he is able to see things differently from the victim’s perspective. This juxtaposed with the attitudes of his early self where he was ‘raw’. This exemplifies the start of the transformation of the persona and leads him to the questioning of his inner conscience. However, it was up to the point that Brett remembers Sam’s word of how he truly is. “Just remember Brett: only you can change your life.” The significance of this statement made by Sam resonated the need to take initial personal responsibility of your own actions. For once, Brett was willing to take responsibility as he became honest with himself. Therefore, it enabled readers to see the persona’s maturity

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