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Angela Madrid Reading 99 It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini 27 pages Entry #1 The novel is about a teenage boy whose name is Craig. Craig lives a life doing drugs and hanging around the wrong people. He’s neurotic and has many mental issues that he himself, doesn’t understand. The conflict is within Craig- he’s in a constant battle with himself, in the first few pages he says how it’s hard to talk when you want to kill yourself. He goes to his therapist and she isn’t able to help Craig because he is constantly closing himself up. Craig presents himself in a very odd manner. For example, in the beginning pages (pages 1-4) he is with his friends but feels left out even though he is in a room full of conversation and people trying to get him to join in he sees distant and in another world. He runs off to the bathroom and sits on …show more content…

Craig mentions in page 6 how when he was smaller he “wasn’t like this” and he “was able to breathe” which can lead into how depression may alter personalities throughout the years. Craig takes the reader back to his younger years and presents himself in a time where he was “normal” and “able to be happy”. This shows how throughout the years Craig has become an unemotional, distant, disinterested, bland person which he claims he was not before. The story wraps around Craig and how he goes back in time in his mind to see “what went wrong” and “why he is the way he is” but the one question that Craig constantly asks is “how do you fix it? if the problem is you?” Which concludes that the mental illnesses that Craig holds within has altered his personality to become someone he himself doesn’t understand or perhaps doesn’t want to understand so he doesn’t have to acknowledge what he has

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