Similarities Between The Federalist And Anti-Federalists

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Alirio da Rocha January 25th, 2015 Federalists vs Anti- Federalists Period 5 Federalists v Anti-Federalists The battle between the Federalist and Anti-Federalist party went around the ratification of the Constitution. The Anti-Federalists did not favor the Constitution, all they wanted was change to the Article of Confederation. The Federalists wern't very aggressive, but their goal was to make a constitution that was fair. The main problem or problems were the unbalance of power and the lack of human rights. The state government had too much power, and trials weren't even close to fair. The argument of the Federalists and Anti-Federalists, made the Constitution that we have today. Anti-Federalists opposed a strong central government …show more content…

The most powerful objection raised by the Antifederalists, however, revolved around on the lack of protection for individual liberties in the Constitution. Most of the state constitutions of the era had built on the Virginia model that included an accurate protection of individual rights that could not be intruded upon by the state. This was seen as a central deserved fate of people's rights and was considered a major revolutionary improvement over the unwritten protections of the British constitution. The bill of rights was supported as an essential by anti-fed because in the original Constitution was seen as a real threat to individual citizens’ liberties. They believed that they didnt need to get rid of the articles of confederation but all they needed was to ammend it. Federalists favored a strong central government, and favored limiting the state powers, and thought 2 representatives from each was enough. Most Federalists were wealthy, well-educated, and put together by the desire for a powerful, centralized government. Their leaders were usually influential men like George Washington & Benjamin Franklin. They were advocates of an orderly, competent government that could protect their economic status. The Federalists were very organized and in many states they usually controlled the elections of approving conventions with their power and

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