Similarities Between The Great Gatsby And Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451: Comparison of Science Fiction and Ideals Science fiction is a well known genre of media and while some of the base ideas are similar or common the ideals can change based upon the time period or author. As such, Fahrenheit 451 while it was written in the 1950’s has some very relatable ideas from science fiction to ideals. Fahrenheit 451 is a book about a man named Montag who lives in a society where they burn books and if you are caught with one you are arrested and most likely executed. Montag however is questioning society and wonders what is in the books and if there is more to life than fire and Television. As he looks for something of substance in this world of fakes he finds the books he once burned had things he never knew in them and quickly begins to question all the ideas he was forced to swallow. Another science fiction story that can be compared to Fahrenheit 451 is a story called Harrison Bergeron. Harrison Bergeron is a story of a …show more content…

The belief is that you do not hurt anyone but you disobey the law to show what you think. The idea is the same for in Fahrenheit 451 the people who get arrested for owning books are being civilly disobedient of the law and showing what they think and try to start a spark, but in the end no one listens and everyone dies. One of the last works that will be compared is the Declaration of Independence. This document talks about human rights and the need to defend them. The dystopian society that Fahrenheit 451 is set in does not allow for people to have the right to happiness as seemingly implied of a comment by a doctor who says people overdosing is a common call for them.The right to life is seemingly not given as people don’t get a fair trial when convicted of a crime as they seem to be immediately executed on the

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