Similarities Between Wilson And Tom In The Great Gatsby

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Throughout ‘The Great Gatsby” Tom Buchanan and George Wilson were represented as complete opposite personalities but with a closer look they are more alike than they are first introduced and they represent a deeper message describing the gender roles for the time. Tom and Wilson are alike on many factors despite their different standards of living, from each of them being cuckold and abusing their wives and their attitude towards their women. Tom Buchanan and George Wilson are both Cuckold from Georges wife Myrtle being with Tom on the trip to New York to the hotel with Nick, And Toms wife Daisy sneaking over to Gatsby’s for a romantic rendezvous behind Toms back. Tom upon finding out is quick to pick a fight with Gatsby and forces the group to travel into New York, Gatsby and Daisy drive in Tom's car, while Nick, Jordan, and Tom drive in Gatsby's. On the way, Tom furiously tells Nick that Gatsby is no Oxford man. They stop for gas at Wilson's garage. Wilson tells them that he's decided to move his wife out west, since he recently learned that she's been having an affair; he does not yet, however, know who her lover is But upon his wife’s death he believes it to be Gatsby and reacts by Going to Gatsby’s and shooting him in a blind rage. Both Tom and George reacted in a …show more content…

Tom doesn’t show his absolute affection for Daisy until he finds out about her affair with Gatsby and afterwards he gets angry and his affection comes out, George is reserved and does what his wife Myrtle orders him to do until he finds out about her affair in which he gets angry and his true affection comes out. These two men are similar in that they suppress their feelings for their wives until something goes wrong. At that point, both men are then willing to fight for their wives and do what is necessary to get them back or get back at someone for hurting

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