Similarity Between The Civil Rights Movement And Cesar Chevez

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The overall main similarity between both movements was the declaration of nonviolence no matter what. During the African American Civil Rights Movement, the majority of the Activist and leaders at the time such as Martin Luther King Jr. stayed with the unwavering approach of acts of nonviolent protest, marches, and boycotts. King believed that no matter what their oppressors threw at them black protesters should never retaliate with violence. The same goes for Cesar Chevez, the key activist of Latino Civil rights. Both men always stood for none violence and peace, even when scrutinized about their similar approach they stuck behind their beliefs. Another similarity between both causes was the use of civil disobedience. Examples of civil disobedience included: boycotts, sit-ins, and marches. …show more content…

As a result Montgomery integrated their buses and allowed people of color to sit wherever they wanted to on the buses. The Latino movement took a major leap in their protest when leader Cesar Chevez and the union launched a boycott on California grapes and wines products. Products that are being bought in mass by consumers around the country. After the success of the boycott in America, California grape owners outsource their products overseas to Europe where Chavez soon after arrives and begins to launch another boycott in Europe so that the grape owners could not sell their product anywhere in the world. This tactic worked tremendously, due to the fact that the revenue that the grape owners once saw was

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