Simon In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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After reading the novel The Lord of the Flies, I believe that I would be the most like the character Simon. Throughout the book, Simon is very caring for the other characters.Simon also seems to be the logical person of the group, besides Piggy. On the other hand, the character that I think that I would never be would be Roger. From the beginning Roger comes off as a fighter and not a lover. Towards the end Roger displays character that is even worse than Jack. In the novel Simon is portrayed as a christ-like figure to the boys. He never stops being compassionate towards all of the boys. I see myself as a caring person and hopefully others see me like this as well. I believe that in a situation like this i would have acted the same way…show more content…
Simon said, “Maybe there is a beast. [...] “What I mean is… maybe it’s only us.”(82) All of the other boys believe that there is an actual beast roaming the island, but simon is understanding that the beast is just a thought of their imagination. The beast is the evil that is in every one of the boy’s heads, but none of the boys can understand it the way Simon does. I feel like I am logical with the way that i think like Simon. Simon is known for using his hiding spot as a place to clear his mind. In the events where i would be left on an island i would want to have a place to think away from everyone else as well. I think this is the reason simon says so calm compared to the boys, he has a piece of mind. With that in mind, Simon is by far the most upset boy in the book when the pig’s head is put a stick in my opinion. Simon closes his eyes and doesn’t even want to look at the pig. I can relate to Simon in this part because I am very much an animal lover and do not like to see dead things. When we dissected a baby pig in biology last year, I cried. I could not stand to look at the innocent animal lying dead on the table just like Simon couldn’t stand see the sow’s head on the
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