Simon In Lord Of The Flies

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Ernest Hemingway once said, “When writing a novel a writer should create living people; people not characters. A character is a caricature.” In a good book, one will connect with at least one fictional character. In the book The Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, one will be able to relate to with several. A character that the reader will be able to connect with from the start is Simon. In the book Lord of the Flies, Simon takes on the role of an adult and keeps everything civil while he can. Simon is sophisticated in the book Lord of the Flies because he is calm, nice, and brave. Simon is calm in the book The Lord of the Flies because he goes to his meadow to relax and he never panics about the beast. When he goes to his meadow, he watches …show more content…

Simon is brave when he talks to the Lord of the Flies in his imagination: “‘You are a silly little boy,’ said the Lord of the Flies, ‘just an ignorant, silly little boy.’ Simon moved his swollen tongue but said nothing. ‘Don’t you agree?’ said the Lord of the Flies, ‘Aren’t you just a silly little boy?’Simon answered in the same silent voice.”” (Page 143). From this quote, one can see that Simon is brave because the Lord of the Flies is talking to him and he is not scared. This is brave because the other little boys would have run away but Simon stays and lets the Lord of the Flies finish talking. It is also brave because the Lord of the Flies is taunting him and Simon is not fighting back. Maybe say something about his bravery in talking to the assembly about the beast. “Simon felt a perilous necessity to speak; but to speak in assembly was a terrible thing to him. ‘maybe,’ he said hesitantly, ‘maybe there is a beast.‘ The assembly cried out savagely and Ralph stood up in amazement. ‘You, Simon? You believe in this?’” (89). Simon is brave not only because he has to stand up in front of everyone to talk, but also because he states an unpopular opinion. Speaking in front of people is hard enough, but it is even more challenging when people react negatively. This shows Simon’s bravery because he knows people will disagree but he still speaks up.This makes Simon sophisticated because These are two examples that show Simon is

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