Situational Irony In 'Friendly Letter Kietchup' By Dave Barry

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Throughout life, influences like family, media, and friends could shape a person for the future. Most people even look up to certain figures throughout one's life such as parents and grandparents. These role models can cause one to alter their choices and lifestyles as one's life grows and develops. David Barry’s friendly letter “Dave Barry teaches his grandson life’s lessons- beginning with ketchup” is a high level comedy piece that uses sarcasm and situational irony in order to convey the universal truth that one should do what they believe is right instead of following others. As one grows older certain experiences and things learned tend to be reflected upon and often shared. Barry choses to share his knowledge with his young grandson, while using sarcasm to show the underlying truth to his wisdom. For instance when Barry explained “many people believe that if left unrefrigerated, ketchup and mustard will go bad” (page 2). Here, Barry demonstrates that although many people believe in a certain issues, groups of people tend to go along with it just because another told them so. What David Barry is trying to tell his grandson and the rest of the world is to “be yourself” or “don't follow the crowd. Later the author confirms this idea and becomes more specific when he says “just because “many people” believe in something does not make it right” …show more content…

For instance when Barry talks about being respectful to others he says, “dont bully and don't hit people” (page 2). Although this may seem logical to most people, the author later counters his argument when he says “unless they are bullying you, in which case belt them” (page 2). It seems that what David Barry is trying to say is stand up for yourself and your opinions. This goes hand and hand with the universal truth. The intended response to this comedic piece is a grin and or a chuckle because of how quickly the author counters his own

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