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In The Help by Kathryn Stockett, Skeeter Phelan and Stuart Whitworth have many twists and turns in their relationship. Skeeter Phelan is a very privileged young white woman in Jackson, Mississippi. Her family owns a cotton farm and they make a good living off of it. She is tall and has hair that is hard to manage. Although she is a white woman in the south in the 1960’s she doesn’t act like the other women do. She feels that the way black people are treated in Jackson is unfair. She’s kept quiet for awhile, but the opportunity comes for her to write about it and possibly help things, so she took it. Skeeter is an aspiring writer who is very independent. She’s been given the chance to write a book and possibly get it published, so she decides…show more content…
It is the first time Skeeter has dated anyone, but she loves it. Skeeter doesn’t know what happened with Stuart and his ex so she asks him about her a couple of times when they are alone. He never wants to talk about her and gets nervous and emotional when people bring her up. When Skeeter and her family meet Stuart’s family Stuart’s parents keep bringing up his ex and he starts to act different. Skeeter finally makes him tell her about what happened between him and his ex. He tells her what happened and that he needs space and time to think. After Stuart tells Skeeter that he needs space Skeeter and her family leave. Skeeter doesn’t see or talk to Stuart for months. After a long time of not seeing Stuart, he finally comes back to Skeeter one night and tells her that he is now over his ex fiancee. He asks Skeeter if he can come back over and she says ‘’I don’t really care what you do. (417) ‘’ She is very mad about what Stuart did to her and doesn’t want to get hurt again. Stuart comes by anyways and keeps coming by trying to be friendly and win Skeeter back. They start seeing each other again once a week but not the way they used to. Stuart is more cautious around Skeeter and they don’t talk about serious things anymore. One night after they get back from dinner Stuart asks Skeeter to marry him. Skeeter says yes but wants to tell him about the book she’s been writing. After she tells him that the…show more content…
After they broke up Skeeter takes a job in New York city as a writer. She lives very far away from Stuart now. Stuart leaves to go dig oil in New Orleans after he breaks up with Skeeter. They both move further away from each other so they won’t be able to talk or see each other. Stuart wants to get over Skeeter and Skeeter wants to get over Stuart and start her life as a writer. Stuart will end up regretting not marrying Skeeter but it will be too late. He has his chance to marry her but throws it away. They have different lives now that don’t involve each

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