Slave Trade And Its Effects Of Slavery In Early America

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Slave Trade and its Effects in Early America In 1619, slavery contributed much to the growth of colonies in America. It continued until 1863. Moreover, the trade was widespread amongst the Americans, hence, became one of the largest industry during that particular century. Slaves were kidnapped from their residence in Africa, shipped to America under extremely unbearable conditions, and then auctioned off. The captives were treated with a lot of cruelty and hostility as they were being forced into the ships to be transported for slavery. They were later compelled to work and live under new intolerable conditions. Most of the slaves who were captured dwelled in small villages in West Africa and were usually kidnapped at dawn when they were fresh for their duties of the day. Their village would be raided by their enemy tribe which would then burn the hurts, their residing places to the ground. Those who escaped the capture were very few since most of those who were captured unknowingly were taken to the slave ships as some were killed when they tried to resist being frustrated, tortured as well as bullied. They, especially men, were tied in pairs and harshly forced to carry heavy woodened yokes and huge elephant’s tusks that were fastened around each one’s neck. Despite the heavy loads, they were to walk through the dense forests where they were attacked by wild animals that killed many of them. On the other hand, women bore baskets of food as little teens walked wearily
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