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Millions of people play soccer, often known as football, around the entire world. Soccer, which has its roots in ancient civilizations, has developed into the most well-liked sport in the world, with a large worldwide fan base and renowned international tournaments like the World Cup. Speed, agility, teamwork, and strategy are just a few physical and mental abilities needed for the sport. Even though its enormous popularity, soccer is more than simply a sport; it has the ability to break down walls of culture, language, and socialization to unite people and create a feeling of community. This essay is to explain why soccer is a sport worthy of the nickname "The Beautiful Game" by taking a look at its social effects, history and the importance of being fit when playing soccer.
Football(soccer) is an international sport. There are lots of different leagues and cups you can play for, such as the World Cup. The World Cup is a great example because the last World Cup was hosted in Qatar and the nearly 1.5 billion people (si) watched as Argentina won in penalties. 5.4 billion people watched all the World Cup games. (beinsports). According to bleacherreport the World Cup is the biggest international sporting event. As you can see the FIFA World Cup brings a lot of people together where each person …show more content…

"Harpastum'' was a game that the ancient Greeks and Romans played that involved kicking a bladder-made ball. (historyofsoccer). In the middle of the 19th century, schoolboys in England invented the updated version of soccer. With the founding of the Football Association in 1863, the rules of the game were more formal. By the early 20th century, soccer had become a popular sport all over the world after fast growing in popularity in Europe and South America. With an estimated 4 billion fans and more than 200 countries involved in FIFA, soccer is (as of right now) the most popular sport in the

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