Nfl Popularity

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The Growth and Popularity of the NFL

Why is the NFL so popular? Playing football in the NFL takes a lot of skill and takes a lot of dedication. As, young children sit in front of a TV as they watch the football games on a Sunday afternoon, they dream about how one day they will play in the NFL. The love of the game goes deep into how it has become one of the most popular sports in America today. The NFL has risen to its popularity that some players play into their forties. The NFL stands for the “National Football League.” The NFL was started in 1920, and since then has grown very popular. The “Super Bowl” is the largest single sporting event the world. There are many levels of football that a player goes through to make it in the NFL, …show more content…

According to Goldsmith, Bobby R. from Live Strong “What Does it take to be an NFL Player”, football players start playing football at a young age and that’s where most dreams are started to play in the NFL. Football players usually starts with kids playing in Pop Warner Football around the age of five years old. As they continue the long journey they start working on playing high school football, then from high school to the college level. Once in the collegiate level they play for up to fours. If a young man is very talented he may choose to enter the NFL draft before graduating from college. Once the player commits themself to the draft there is no turning back for him, he will no longer ever be eligible to play college football again. But now is when the dreams have come true, its time for the NFL Draft. Finally, the NFL teams start drafting their top prospects who they would like to play for their team. Players can walk on to a football team and try out, and if they are successful, a team will pick the player to play for their …show more content…

Each team has a fifty-three player roster plus ten practice squad players. The average age of players that played last year (2014) was 24.9 years old. According to Sharp, Katie from SB Nation “Does Age Matter in the NFL”, the Denver Broncos are the team with the oldest average age which is 29.0 years and the Jacksonville Jaguars are the team with the youngest average age which is 23.9 years. The teams with the better quarterbacks or better offensive lines are usually the older players and the younger players with more production are usually the running backs and wide receivers. According to Dan from Sport Management and Degree Gide his article says “There are several players that have played way beyond the age of forty”. George Blanda was the oldest player to ever play at fourty-eight playing twenty-six seasons. Vinny Testaverde is the oldest player to ever start as a quarterback and have a win in a game. Testarverde played twenty- one years in the league at the age of

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