Soccer's Influence On Society

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I am impassioned by sport, soccer to be exact, I believe it's one of the most influential mediums in the world, it holds massive cultural value. I grew in an atmosphere that exposed me to the sport early on, and since I've been addicted. It's made me cry from heartbreak and bawl out my eyes from immense happiness, soccer's beautiful, it's my passion and love. Through the years, having developed as a global citizen as well as having grown mentally and spiritually, my morals and ideals have flourished, and I've begun to see soccer as a way to reach the masses and spread my message, in an attempt to make the world a more positive and overall better place. A world where discrimination and prejudices aren't common, where ignorance is less severe,…show more content…
No longer do they only entertain us, for many they're seen as role models and national talismans, they're millionaires and celebrities, they have a following more loyal than political parties. Muhammad Ali's protest of the Vietnam War made headlines because of his boxing fame, unfortunately, most athletes don't understand their influence, they kick a ball and live a comfortable life, they don't see the possibilities or they choose not to, because were they to open their mouths and speak on environmental issues or racial unity then the world would surely listen, if they use their voice and wealth for the betterment of society, then the world, especially the younger population, is sure to pay attention and emulate them. That's why I want to become a professional soccer player, not because of the wealth or fame but because of the endless possibilities that they possess when they reach the top, the influence they can have, the influence necessary to transcend cultures and create massive social…show more content…
I won't be stopped by the ignorance or hatred that is so prevalent in todays society, I will become the best person I can be. Everything I need to do this is already inside me, it's my mentality, my work ethic, my motivation, it'll take me to the top. I want to be like Ghandi, I want to be like Muhammad Ali, and I fully know the only barrier standing in my way is myself, that's why every day I'm in a constant battle with myself to get better. I'm under constant development and extremely focused on my goals, in life there are no excuses, no matter the environment you're born into, it's your duty to overcome the circumstances. So I don't waste my time, I'm on a path to enlightenment, always developing, I will change the world, I can't accept being a slave to society and not leaving a legacy, I will be happy with my impact when I'm laying on my deathbed. I believe I can become the most influential person in the world. I'm in search of bettering the planet, I don't want to be average, I desire more. Society is troubled, I want to help fix it, I refuse to contribute to the widespread ignorance. A college education comes into the equation because not only do I view college soccer as a way to expand my soccer career but I want to be the most robust I can possibly be, I desire knowledge, I want to broaden my horizons. I believe I'm the kind of student colleges

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