Social Classes In Latin America Essay

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t is known that nowadays there is still a big gap between social classes. This situation can be seen in the most part of Latin American countries, propably as a consequence of colonization, when whites and Spanish had the control on the economy, while Africans and aborigins had to work as slaves. Eventhough slavery have been abolided in modern times, the difference between races and classes is still up to date. All this because there are not the same kind of education and job opportunities inside the classes, since the world still gives more importance to connections, money and family position, instead of the human value. This essay will develope these mention causes and provide some possible solutions for it through education and social conscience. To start, one of the principle causes of this gap between classes is the difference of opportunities. It is not a secret that in Latin America, those who has been born in a family with a high economic position have more chances of receiving a better education in private schools without any distraction…show more content…
At the same these industries don 't want to pay the right amount of salary to their employees since they see them as only tools to get their products done and receive more money, no matter the consequences. The suggestion is too start supporting the small commerciants and be aware of the real value of people work, in order to pay for everybody to get the a fair salary to live properly. To sum up, this big existing gap from low to high classes, taking latin america as an example, have many causes hitorical, political and cultural causes. It is necessary to begin seeing the things from another angle and try to equalize the opportunities between those who have money and those who don 't. The same as keeping in mind the real value of the products and the time spent by
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