Social Entrepreneurship In The Business World

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Worldwide integration, competitive pressure, and probe for productivity have been a main driver for change in today’s business world. Different activities of people in the business world have led to many problems and interest within business cycle. Several companies used Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Philanthropy or Charity, and Corporate Social Value (CSV) as frameworks to consider the interest of all stakeholders in the business industry. Countless of people desired to change the word, to be a better place for people. Changing the world is not an easy work. It requires so much time and effort for it to be done more so it is difficult to achieve. It is similar to writing a story. Many people tried to do, but only a few accomplish their goals, and less succeeds in doing something that received recognition.
In this intriguing book, the authors, portray and share an overview on how social entrepreneurs point out systems that exist in a secure but biased equilibrium and transform them into completely different, superior, and sustainable stability. Moreover, a lot of stories about different social entrepreneurs who have transformed, and are transforming, the world for the better have been shared in the book.
Social Entrepreneurship has become kind of most used word for any business that promoted social change or any framework or setup whose enterprise has a supplementary benefit to social good. Being the term is overused and ill-defined, yet, it can be difficult to
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