Essay On Ancient Egyptian Society

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Ancient Egyptian Society Introduction Long before the onset of modern society, in the arcane and cryptic depths of Egypt, lay an influential and empowering civilisation. They thrived on several things; amongst them were nutriments, water, agriculture, reproduction, and namely, the social classes. (The ancient Egyptian society depended on several key aspects of their culture to thrive in such a hostile environment like Egypt. Such dependant variables included the development of agriculture and irrigation systems, the creation of the need for human reproduction, and the formation of the social hierarchy.) Social Classes The modernised equivalent to a Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt would be a position of equal importance, such as a ruler or a president of a nation. The role of this ruler, or other of equal position, is to govern the nation and prevent collapse of the nation altogether. However, unlike how present society sees the governing bodies of current nations, the Egyptians assumed that their Pharaoh was a God that was sent to oversee the people on Earth. Earlier pharaohs created a strong government that allowed them to summon large forces of workers. They appointed their …show more content…

The river allowed the soil on the riverbanks to be enriched with nutrients, thus allowing the Egyptians to develop agricultural practices and grow numerous crops. . The river also allowed the Egyptians to bathe, travel, catch fish and drink the water. This then resulted in a lacklustre chance of famine from occurring. The Ancient Egyptians constructed their own dwellings by creating their properties out of mud-bricks, using materials provided by the rich soil of the river Nile. They grew a large range of fruits and vegetables to consume and traded with other municipalities to obtain items and goods that they were unable to

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