Sociological Stereotypes In Disney

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DISNEY SEXISM In society, there are gender roles which put each sex in stereotypical figures. These roles affect the way how we speak, dress and act. In general, women expected to behave feminine such as being polite and fragile and on the other hand men are expected to be aggressive and stronger. All these roles are over exaggerated in Disney 's women and men figures. When we look at the society, children are the ones who are more likely to being manipulated by elements such as media. In the age of 5 to 6 children learn the sense of fear, danger and social norms from tales. Disney has one of the most significant film industry all around the world. I would like to clarify the most common delusion about Disney. They make movies both…show more content…
What’s more, this is not the only sociological inequity by Disney. Disney’s stereotyped judgement about gender roles are extremely shallow. Also they are unethical, in the light of how they illustrate genders through specific colors such as ‘Pink’; it is considered a female color: a representation of sensitivity and serenity. Disney do not only have effect on the media but also have influence on the market. Their products have certain targets which are labelled by colors from the movies. Disney apply pinkish color for girls and dark colors such as brown for boys. When we look at "female" toys, pink can be seen in every part of them. Their strategy is more pink, more female costumer. Also, we can see the same strategy for textile market. Dark colors which do not show the dirt are used for male clothes. In this way, they are aiming to create a pink world where girls stay at home on the other hand, boys go out for adventures. Pink leads girls to a ladylike path where she has to be attractive and famine all the time. Dark colors guide boys to have adventures such as saving the princess and taking risks for them. Disney has a significant role in the colors. Nobody wants to face with condemnation, isolation, or social judgement. In other words, genders are in tendency to the particular color that clearly demonstrate their gender, regardless of their personal choices. Colors are being used as a medium by Disney on their products. To give an illustration of what I mean, every woman are using pink colors for their rooms and kitchens. Also, most of the girl 's room is designed with "Cinderella"

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