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Quixote’s Soldiers A Local History of the Chicano Movement beautifully laid out the history of what occurred in San Antonio Texas decades ago. It covered a time that many of our parents lived through, and brought to life the issues faced and the obstacles crossed by individuals who share our blood so that every Mexican-American that followed in their footsteps would have a better life and the same opportunities as any white man. The writer of this book, David Montejano gave an expansive look into those times but did not sugar coat any of the realities of what actually happened. We are shown the good, the bad, and the ugly, all which led to every one of us having the life that we live now, a life of better opportunities where we are closer to equality than ever before. This book is a great piece of literature that accurately depicts history as told by many viewpoints, disintegrating any threat of bias and beautifully depicting the fight fought by Chicanos in South Texas. In the book, Montejano starts off by painting an …show more content…

Not only does this book give an accurate account of the Chicano movement and its role on local San Antonio government, we are given a peek into the past through quoted media statements and photographs. Each player in the Chicano movement was explored thoroughly in order to give us a clear depiction of what life was like for people during those decades and how it could dramatically differ from house to house, neighborhood to neighborhood. The Chicano movement was not perfect, and we see that though the pitfalls and aggression that Montejano does not leave out of his book. All in all, I would recommend this book because it shows the greatness of the Chicano movement in south Texas in an honest and unbiased way that many Mexican Americans would be tempted to tell it in. This book is detailed and real, and it gave me a better understanding on how our people fought for

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