Analysis Of Quixote's Soldiers By David Montejano

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White people have always been the superior ethnicity with better lifes, jobs, and opportunities. One would think in a majority-minority state like Texas, where the majority of the population is made out of minorities, it would be an area controlled by minorities and not the white supremacist. In David Montejano’s story, “Quixote’s Soldiers, A Local History of the Chicano Movement,” he goes into depth of how the Mexican Americans in San Antonio created a Chicano movement that began to change the status quo and has impacted the culture today. Quixote’s Soldier’s is a well written narrative in which Montejano is able to prove his points by his style of writing and interpretation, by the numerous sources he acquires, and by… Quixote’s Soldier’s …show more content…

“Por primera vez en mi vida, comence a guachar como se portaban los batos, como eran las rucas, como pensaba la mayoria de la raza aca en los barrios.” “For the first time in my life, I began to see how the guys behaved, how the women were, how the majority of the people in the barrios thought.” When he put sources, he would put them exactly how the person stated it in Spanish; then he would rewrite an English version in case the reader couldn’t understand the Spanish version. Otherwise it would have been a very hard book to read and comprehend. Being able to speak the Spanish language gives him the identity and credibility of a Chicano. Montejano used numerous amount of informative primary and secondary sources. Everything he talked about, seemed to mirror how a news reporter would report news on television. He gave a lot of first person perspectives, from interviews and newspapers, which helps the reader connect to what the Chicanos were dealing with. “Professor Bruckman noted, but at least he had a dream! And I tried to encourage these children to dream the impossible dream”. He also used real pictures and cartoons to help give actual vivid pictures of the propaganda and events that were

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