Song Of Wandering Aengus Analysis

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Why do people risk many things? Why would someone search for a small something for a long time? Risk their lives for little reason?This happens when people undertake a mission. Aengus from “The Song Of Wandering Aengus” had to travel for many years, searching for his true love. Ernesto Galarza from “Barrio Boy” had to learn, just because he is in a new country, doesn’t mean he should be ashamed of his Mexican heritage. Annie Johnson from “New Directions” had to start a business, so she can feed her children. All three had to endure hardships to succeed their mission.

Aengus looked for his love, and refused to give up. “Though I am old with wandering. Through hollow lands and hilly lands. I will find out where she has gone”(pg.17). Aengus refuses to give up,even when he’d be looking for several years. He won’t stop looking until he has found her. “I will find out where she has gone. And kiss
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“As a divorced African-American woman with two children, Annie Johnson found herself in need of a job”(pg.119). Since Annie didn’t have a job, she did not have money to feed her children. She was already in a tough situation, with her being divorced. “Johnson devised an elaborate plan to cook meals for local mill and factory workers. Johnson’s job was hard.”(pg.119) To solve her problem, Johnson took a risk to start a business. Though it was difficult, she was determined. Annie proves she can endure hardships by starting a business out of nothing, and be very successful.

All three characters had to persevere to survive desperate circumstances. Aengus searched for his love, while Ernesto galarza and Annie Johnson had to survive difficult circumstances. Aengus traveled for many years, trying to find his true love. Galarza had to move to a new school and country, learning not to be ashamed of his Mexican heritage. Annie Johnson had to start a business to help her kids
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