The Castaway Poem Analysis

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A metaphor is a figurative speech which makes an implicit or hidden comparison between twothings that are very different from each other but have a common characteristicshared between them. A metaphor emphasizes the mutualcharacteristics, without a verb such as appears and a connective such aslike,of terms that areliterally mismatched. In short, two contradicting object compared due to a single common feature. The first poem that I shall analyze is The Castaway (1799) by William Cowper. Itis a depressed account of a sailor, who has been abandoned by his shipwhen he fell overboard in a vicious storm into the sea. The poem expresses the feeling of the sailor as he watches his life, friends on board the ship, and also the ship itself floats away from him destroying any hope of survival. It also describes the despairand the growing dread the sailor has as he feels himself beginning to drown. The poem is written based on a real lifedescription, during GeorgeAnson’sexpeditionaroundtheworldin1740to1744.The poem later reveals that another persona is pulling the strings, writing the poem.This new persona …show more content…

The language is fairly adorned for the sonnets; it is not hefty with alliteration or assonance and nearly every line is able to stand on its own self, containing clauses, and nearly every line ends with apunctuation, which affects a pause. This allows readers tocomprehend the poem easily; therefore, readers are able to appreciate the poem better.Sonnet 18 is the most popular and well-loved poem of all 154 sonnets. It is also one of the utmost straightforward in language and intent. The permanence of love and its supremacy to allow the subject of the poet’s verse to achieve immortality thorough his writing is the theme. Sonnet 18 is also the first poem in the sonnets not to encourage young men to have

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