The Skating Party Literary Devices

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What makes a story enjoyable? Is it the plot? Or is it the methods the author uses to connect to the reader? Plot is a big thing, but it is the literary devices that bring the story together. In the three stories, “The Tunnel” by Sarah Ellis, “The Skating Party” by Merna Summers and “The Bicycle” by Jillian Horton all have unique literary devices to make each story more intriguing and to give them the feeling of being part of the story. A metaphor is a forthright correlation between two dissimilar things. A metaphor is used to say one thing while meaning another to symbolize the true meaning. In the story “The Skating Party” Merna Summers uses the metaphor “I’m not going to be your window blind” (195), this is a good metaphor because window …show more content…

“The Tunnel” uses foreshadowing by using flashbacks to give hints about what might happen to Ib in the tunnel. The main flashback tells you how Ken was pulled into a trance when he was in the tunnel years before. Ken goes into the tunnel with Jeff and Danielle and he's already scared being in there but then Jeff yells his name and Ken hears a song and tries to scream but he can’t. Before anything else happens Jeff yells “Kenton” calling Ken back into the real world. Ken passes it off as a claustrophobia for many years and he doesn't realize what truly happened until he goes back with Ib. When Ken finally realizes, he thinks “The final puzzle piece of memory slides into place. That song, the two-note song. The sweet high voice calling me in the tunnel. The sound just before Jeff called me by my real name. They wanted me. They wanted Ib” (Ellis 374). This quote shows that Ken thinks it's no coincidence that both heard a song at two different times with the same circumstances. These two literary devices when put together changed the outcome of the story, making it more diverse. Without the two elements, it would have been a simple story of two kids going on an

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