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  • Use Of Similes In The Monkey's Paw

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    A simile is a figure of speech involving the comparison of one thing with another used to make a description more emphatic or vivid. By using similes in a story the reader can help enhance the author's message in different ways. In the stories “The Monkey’s Paw” by W. W. Jacobs and “Canyons” by Gary Paulsen the authors use similes to help the reader visualize the setting and characters. In the short story “The Monkey’s Paw”, similes are used to help the readers visualize many things throughout

  • How Does Sharon Olds Use Similes In On The Subway

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    In the poem “On The Subway” by Sharon Olds, the author implements multiple literary devices to get her message across. Her use of metaphors, similes, and symbolism are perceived in such fashions that the reader can feel the tension experienced first hand by the characters sitting on that subway directly in front of each other. The use of metaphors throughout the poem gives the reader a source of comparison when describing the situation the characters are found in. She is illustrating how she feels

  • What Is The Mood Of I Ll Open The Window By Rita Dove

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    encouragement. Both of these writers used various poetic devices to illustrate the tones and moods of the poems. The poetic devices that assisted in communicating the tones and moods were similes, metaphors, and personification. Similes allow the writers to enhance the tone and mood of the poems. Dove and Swir use many similes to strengthen the tone and mood within the poem. In the second and third stanza, Dove writes, “An orange, peeled and quartered, flares / like a tulip on a wedgewood plate.” The

  • Part Time Indian Figurative Language Essay

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    demonstrates, “I picked up the other boot and dug inside. Man, that thing smelled like booze and fear and failure” (151). This indicates that this simile was used to describe that Junior has come to know that alcohol leads to failure. This scene in the novel is a simile which can be viewed as an event because this can be pictured in many minds.

  • Maya Angelou Metaphors

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    by Maya Angelou is a powerful poem that beautifully puts together how prejudice people continue to put down others, but through it all they still continue to fight back. Maya Angelou uses similes, metaphors, rhetorical questions, and repetition to inspire women and African Americans. Maya Angelou uses similes throughout the majority

  • Jane Kenyon The Suitor Summary

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    literary devices such as similes, imagery, repetition, and metaphors to communicate personal topics like the inevitability of mortality, life

  • Addie's Voice In As I Lay Dying

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    so the reader gains only bits and pieces of Addie’s character. However, after her death, the reader obtains a better understanding of Addie’s voice through her own monologue and as a result, is characterized as cold and selfish. Through the use of similes and interior monologue, Faulkner shows Addie’s tendency to detach herself from the people in her life, which relates to the novel’s overall theme of solitude as Addie adheres to her father’s philosophy that the reason for living is no more than “to

  • The Importance Of Picnic Day In Carrie

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    Throughout the novel Carrie flashbacks the happy moments that no longer exist after the death of her father. One of which is her memory of the picnic day in which she uses a variation of similes and metaphors that represent perfection to her like the warmness after the cold and the bedtime story, every child’s favorite. Picnic Day was Daddy’s invention and Momma tried it with Richard once but I wouldn’t let her. Picnic Day was as good as when the teacher says class is going to be outside under the

  • Differences Between A Rose For Emily And The Outsiders

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    to work through his loss he just reacted without even considering the fact of living through his loss. Likewise the authors in both stories show imagery,use metaphors,similes and personification to hook people into their storey. The imagery written by the authors is used because they want you to feel bad for the characters,the similes are used to make you think more, and the metaphors in both stories allow you to laugh and feel bad for the characters. Also both stories use a hook to grab the reader

  • Sign For My Father Who Stressed The Bunt Poem Analysis

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    sacrifice has been gingerly placed in order to grow strong one day (8). This simile demonstrates the care with which the father tries to teach the son how to bunt. The only other simile compares the son’s sign to his father, the poem itself, to “a hand brushed across the bill of a cap” (21). Once again this figurative comparison connotes a tender love and mutual respect between the father and son, especially considering that this simile compares the poem to the baseball equivalent of a salute. Overall, through

  • Johnathan Edwards Rhetorical Devices

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    devices as he delivered his message of fear to the audience in an effective manner. Throughout the sermon Edwards utilized several forms of rhetorical devices including, similes and metaphors, repetition and alliteration, and parallelism. To strike greater fear into the hearts of the puritan audience, Johnathan Edwards uses similes as well as metaphors to compare the wraths of hell and the power of God to more relatable scenarios. In the opening

  • Langston Hughes Let America Be America Again

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    Analyses - Let America Be America Again Langston Hughes uses a varied meter in “Let America Be America Again”. In the first line and title of his poem he starts with the first syllable [let] stressed, followed by a unstressed syllable [a]. This trochaic dimeter is used just for the first four syllables, following a iambic tetrameter starting with [ca] unstressed and [be] stressed. The second line starts with a trochee, but this time with eight syllables, therefore a tetrameter. The last syllable

  • Allusion, Symbolism In Grass, Elizabeth Bishop's Love And Friendship

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    “Grass” reveals his theory and knowledge on the theme of WWI and how the lifeless bodies were obliterated in the field. In Bishop’s, use of imagery, similes, and paradox in “The Fish” reveals his reflection of how the fish resembles the struggles of man vs the natural world could be, when really, it’s with yourself. Bronte’s, use of symbolism, similes, metaphors, imagery, and the setting reveals his passion on how love and relationships feel and seen as. I. Personification, allusion, and symbolism

  • Discussion Questions For The Veldt By Ray Bradbury

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    much that the nursery too them becomes more than just a nursery. The craft moves that I will be using will answer lots of questions the reader may have, and will help the reader understand what’s going on in the text. My craft moves I chose are, similes, metaphors, dialogue, and imagery. This story includes

  • From Preface To God's Determination By Edward Taylor

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    The Puritan Plain Style uses simple writing to express the importance of God. In the poem From Preface to God’s Determination, Edward Taylor uses metaphors and similes to ask the reader a rhetorical question of who created the world. By comparing the creation of the earth to something that could be related to, he helps the reader understand what he is asking. The poem helps the reader understand the origin of world and of Christianity. Taylor uses rhymes throughout most of the poem to make the lines

  • Character Analysis: The Big Sleep

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    In the novel The Big Sleep, by Raymond Chandler, there are many conflicts between two characters that are subtle and do not feel like conflicts, but it is evident they are through his use of similes and metaphors. The scene when Carmen sneaks into Marlow’s apartment and waits for him naked is one of the better examples of these scenes when a subtext battle exists. Chandler first sets up the idea that Marlow is meant to be the knight in shining armor by echoing the earlier scene when Marlow first

  • The Vietnam Wall Analysis

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    He incorporates many similes and metaphors throughout his picture poem. Including, “I/ Have seen it/ And I like it: The magic/ The way like cutting onions” (Rios, Alberto 34). This comparison helps the reader connect with the emotions one feels visiting the wall. Alberto also

  • Stereo Hearts Poem

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    1. In the song, Stereo Hearts written by Gym Class Heroes includes many similes. An example of this is “You never know we come and go like on the interstate.” This is an example of a simile because this phrase uses “like”. In addition, the meaning of this lyric is that love comes and go like on a freeway. In the other poem, A Red, Red Rose written by Robert Burns has many metaphors, too. For instance, “while the sands o'life shall run”. This phrase means while he is alive and this is an example of

  • As I Lay Dying Literary Analysis Essay

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    use of literary features such as allusion, similes a belittling yet humorous tone, concrete imagery and a stream of consciousness style in the passage. Faulkner throughout the passage not only describes Cash’s reserved character and Darls perspective imagination but he also foreshadows the struggle the Bundren’s will go through as they prepare to go on the journey of burying Addie. First, Faulkner has the speaker Darl create a gloomy mood by using similes to display the ambiance in the room. Then

  • Emily Dickinson's If You Were Coming In The Fall

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    matter the amount of time, she still constantly thinks about being with her lover again. To establish the meaning of the poem, Dickinson uses poetic devices. The three poetic devices I found that were most prevalent in the poem were repetition, simile, and tone. All of these devices help contribute to the idea that she is willing to wait to be reunited with her lover. The first poetic device in the poem that I noticed was repetition. There is five stanzas in this poem, and of them, 4 started