Soy Argumentative Essay

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With all of the information given, it is clear that feeding the prisoners such a diet is inhumane. Surprisingly, the inhumanity of the high soy diet goes against the Constitution and previous court rulings. To be brief, the courts in the United States have continuously ruled that inmates have the right to a healthy and nutritious diet (Morell). With all of the facts that continue to come to the surface about soy, it is appallingly clear that a high soy diet is not nutritious nor sustaining. Rather, it is damaging and debilitating. In addition, the eighth amendment to the Constitution says that “ [to prisoners] nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted” (“The 8th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution”). Indeed, the diet the prisoners in the Danville Correctional Center are given qualifies as a cruel and unusual punishment, for how many other prisons offer the cheapest, easiest, most damaging, …show more content…

However, this solution can be approached from several different angles. The first option is to only allow organic, non GMO soy to be incorporated into the diet. Since the main threat soy poses is from being tampered with on an atomic level, removing this obstacle, might aid the men exponentially. Once the GMO soy is out of the equation, soy becomes less of a cheap filler and more of a sustaining nutrient. Clearly, this option contains everything the Danville Correctional Center needs, nutritious food and cheap ingredients, right? No. Regrettably, non genetically modified soy still has side effects. Because of the phytic acid and the MSG that is formed when processed, soy remains unhealthy. Subsequently, several different forms of cancer, even when the soybean plant is organic, have been the product of over consuming soy. As a result, this solution must be eliminated as a viable option, but undoubtedly there are more solutions to

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