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I think that the book Spare Parts was an excellent book for the NIACC Composition 1 common read. Living in northern Iowa, we are very closed off to the rest of the world and what others might be facing. The immigration problem doesn’t phase us because we don’t hear of it that often in Iowa, so it was interesting to learn about it through a book. Teens my age don’t usually read books besides the popular fiction genre so it was insightful to see problems that other people are facing. Spare parts has an interesting plot, a unique theme, and a wide range of vocabulary which are all reasons why this book is a good choice for the common read. When I think of illegal immigrants, I think of middle-aged people crossing over a big fence to enter the drug cartel in the United States. This picture is wrong. When thinking of this, I am picturing one person with one story, when really there are hundreds of thousands of different stories. Like the boys in the book, there are tons of kids who cross over with their parents and they don’t even remember the event when they get older. Similar to Lorenzo, Oscar, Luis, and Christian, many children have been in America for as long as they can remember and it is home to them. I’ve learned from this book that most of the illegal immigrants don’t …show more content…

Friendship and overcoming obstacles are two that stood out to me, but I think the most important theme is that illegal immigrants are people too. Several times in the book, Joshua Davis talked about people downgrading the four boys and their families Americans treating them harshly. I think the book was trying to show us that there are more stories of illegal immigrants and that they are people too. I recommend the books: The Language of Flowers, The Glass Castle, and All the Light We Cannot See. All of these books are different from those that most teens read, and they all have great storylines and plots that young readers can take away

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