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Slopestyle Snowboarding. Ever heard of it? Yeah probably not, I’m sure you’ve heard of snowboarding though right? Although average snowboarding is quite amusing itself, slopestyle takes it to a whole new level! Slopestyle is a snowboarding course with a wide variety of obstacles ranging from rails, terrains, and slopes of course. (“Breaking down the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Slopestyle Course.”)I would love to tell you all about slopestyle but I figured that would get a little too lengthy. So I have picked three of many thing to tell you about slopestyle. First I’ll tell you about Jamie Anderson, a famous Olympic Snowboarder. Then you’ll learn all about the history of the Slopestyle in the Olympic Games, and finally I’ll take you on a tour of…show more content…
It all started at the very first X games in 1997. After that the world fell in love with it as snowboarding made its way to the Olympics for the first time in 1998. Snowboarding became bigger and bigger very quickly. At the Olympic games the only event for it were giant slalom and halfpipe. Ross Rebagliati of Canada was the first to take home a shiny bright gold medal in the Olympic games. It wasn’t until 2014 that slopestyle got added to the Olympic Games. Since then it has become a fan favorite in other competitions world wide. This year will be its second Olympic games the event will be partaking in. So many athletes are very excited for Pyeongchang this year because of slopestyle. ( “Snowboarding 101: Origins and Olympic History…show more content…
You’ve seen snowboarding, but have you seen slopestyle? It’s not a regular snowboarding course that the athletes dive into. It’s much more complex. The course is made by Schneestern, a German Company. Not many people are familiar with it. Slopestyle has a wide variety of jumps, turns, and slopes. Many features are added in depending on the athlete. There are three “rail sections” they call them in the course. These are rails that are about two and half feet off of the ground that the snowboard must balance on and slide down. Then there are “jump sections” where you basically jump off high piles of snow, there are also three of these. Throughout each of the sections athletes will perform tricks to get evaluated on. They get evaluated on how well the skill is performed and the difficulty of the skill. Athletes love the slopestyle course, especially the one in Pyeongchang this year. “The course in PyeongChang is very creative. The test event was super unique and different than any other course I 've rode.” says Jamie Anderson , “It 's crazy how unique it is and how many options you can take on it. You 'll see so many different things. “ says Maggie Voisin, anther Olympic snowboarder. Overall the slopestyle course is pretty glamorous. (“Breaking down the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Slopestyle
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